How to File a Rebate Dispute

Rebaid guarantees the validity of all redemptions. You will be refunded for any redemptions determined to have been submitted with an invalid order ID or where the order has been cancelled/ returned for a refund.

To initiate a rebate dispute start by downloading your order report which can be accessed by clicking the Reports tab in the left navigation bar of your seller dashboard. Once downloaded record the 6 digit Transaction Number that corresponds to the invalid order number(s).


Then select Order Report at page top. Select Download CSV or View on Screen, then submit.



Then copy the Transaction Number(s) that correspond to the invalid Order ID(s).


Then click the Disputes tab in the left navigation bar. 


Simply copy and past the invalid Transaction Numbers into the form and click Lookup. Then specify the reason for the dispute (Returned, Cancelled, No Order Found or Other). If selecting Other please write the reason for the dispute in the text box below. Attaching a screenshot of the order status from your seller dashboard is optional but may help expedite the resolution to your disputes.


Rebate disputes are reviewed by our security team in the order they are received, with a typically response time of 3-5 business days. If the shopper is unable to provide a corrected, valid order number the rebate amount will be credited back to you. Regardless of the outcome of the investigation you will be updated and your refund confirmation will be provided if applicable.

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