How to duplicate a campaign

If you would like to re-create a past campaign with no or few changes the fastest way to do so is by duplicating it. When you duplicate a campaign all fields will be pre-filled with the values from the past campaign, however you can edit them before launching the new campaign.

The first step is to click the All Campaigns button on your Rebaid seller dashboard:


Once your campaign manager page is open, click on a campaign and a sidebar detail view will appear: 


Then click the Duplicate icon at the bottom of the sidebar


*Note depending on your browser the campaign may duplicate and be added to your campaign list. On other browsers you will be automatically directed into to Step 1 of the duplicated campaign.

If not automatically directed to Step 1 of the new duplicated campaign you'll need to find the campaign in the campaign list, then click on it to expand the sidebar and click the Edit icon (the one that looks like a pencil) to get into the campaign creation process.

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