When will my rebate be sent?

If you selected Mailed Check as your rebate payment preference, your check will be sent 4-5 weeks after the date you redeemed the promotion. Once mailed, most checks arrive within 5-7 days although it can take up to 10 days.

If you select Direct Deposit as your rebate payment preference, your rebate payment will be sent directly to your checking account 3-4 business days after you redeem a promotion. Once sent the credit should appear on your account within 48 business hours.

As soon as your rebate payment is sent you’ll receive a payment notification message, either by text or email based on your accounts notification preference.

To see the status of your rebates and the expected dates your payments will be sent, click on the Rebate Details link in the header bar of your Rebaid dashboard. (See below image)



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