What are the fees for sellers?

The cost to run a rebate campaign is $2.95 per redemption. The per redemption fee is charged at the end of your campaign and is simply calculated as the number of completed redemptions, multiplied by $2.95.

There is no cost to run a discount campaign. We recently released the discount campaign feature and are offering this service at no cost until further notice. You may sign up for a Rebaid seller account and create a discount campaign without entering any billing information.

Other Seller Fees

Rebate campaigns funded by credit card are subject to a 3.9% credit card processing fee. The credit card processing fee is charged at the end of your campaign and is calculated by as the total charges for your campaign multiplied by 3.9%. There is no fee for campaigns funded by ACH or Wire Transfer.

Sellers who upgrade their account to Pro to utilize premium features including Shopper Messaging and Search, Find, Buy campaigns are charged $79 every 4 weeks. New Rebaid Pro users are eligible for a first 4 weeks free promotion, then are charged $79 per month thereafter. You may cancel at any time.

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