Why was my redemption cancelled?

When redeeming a promotion, you have 2 hours to return to Rebaid to enter your order number and complete the redemption. If more than 2 hours elapses and an order number is not submitted, your redemption will automatically be cancelled.

A reminder email is sent out after 1 hour and 30 minutes if an order number has not been submitted. Another email is sent out at the 2 hour mark notifying you that your redemption was cancelled due to non-submission of an order number.

 When submitting your order number, be sure to wait until the “Thank You” message appears before clicking away to another page. If you enter your order number but quickly move on to another page, your order number may not be submitted successfully.




If you completed the purchase for the item, but forgot to enter the order number, visit the Re-Claim Rebate Module. On this page you can attempt to re-claim your rebate. If the seller has additional funding for rebates on their promotion your re-claim will be successful. If the re-claim attempt is unsuccessful you can return the product for a refund with no impact to your Rebaid account.



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