Additional discounts and coupons policy

Please see our policies below regarding extra discounts applied during a rebate redemption.


Unable to opt out

In some instances there will be a discount you cannot opt out of. These include lightening deals and Prime exclusive discounts. In these cases there is no penalty to your account or adjustment to your rebate value for this extra discount.


Optional Discounts

These are typically coupons on the product page that you have to click to apply the extra discount. In most cases you are prohibited from applying the coupon in addition to the rebate redemption. The only exception to this policy is when a seller explicitly states on their Rebaid promotion page that you can take the additional coupon. 

If you inadvertently apply the coupon on a purchase the seller may request an adjustment be made to your rebate amount to account for this additional discount. This does not however void or cancel your rebate. If we receive frequent complaints from sellers that coupons are always being applied your account may be restricted from redeeming further promotions.

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