How do I create a discount code on Amazon?

Before creating a discount campaign on Rebaid for your Amazon listed product you’ll need to create a discount code. There is no cost to create a discount promotion on Amazon and it can be created in less than 5 minutes by following the steps below.

Step 1: Once logged into your Seller Central account click on the Advertising tab, then click on Promotions at the bottom of the drop down menu.




Step 2: On the promotions page, click Create under Percentage Off




Step 3: If you have never created a discount code for your product before, you’ll first need to add it by clicking the “Create a new product selection” link. Once added you can select your item from the drop down menu.

The you’ll add the percentage off. You can use just one tier, offering a % off for the purchase of 1 unit, or you can create a tiered promotion. Creating a tiered promotion encourages shoppers to buy more units and receive a larger discount value.

You can add tiers by clicking the Add Tier button. You can add up to 4 discount tiers on your Rebaid Discount campaign.




Step 4: Set the start date as the current date. If you use a future date please do not submit your discount campaign on Rebaid until your promotion start date on Amazon.

If you would like your campaign to effectively run indefinitely you can set the end date years in the future. If your end date is years in the future, you can keep the Run Until Paused icon checked on your Rebaid campaign duration.

If you set your End date within 1 year, please uncheck the Run Until Paused icon on your Rebaid Discount campaign and enter the same End date that you enter on your Amazon promotion.

Select “Group” for the claim code. Once Group is selected a claim code will automatically appear. This is the code you will enter in the Discount Code field when creating your campaign on Rebaid.

If you keep “Detail page display text” checked, all shoppers who visit your listing will see your discount code. This may include some shoppers who have found your listing organically and were going to purchase it at full price without seeking a discount. For that reason it may be wise to uncheck this box.




Step 5: At the bottom of the page click “Review”. You’ll see a page displaying a summary of your campaign. Ensure everything is correct, then click Submit.




NOTE: Please wait until your discount code is Active before submitting your campaign on Rebaid. There is often a 4-6 hour lead time from the time you create a discount code on Amazon and the time the code becomes functional.

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