My campaign is generating few or no redemptions

Redemption rates on rebate campaigns and code clips on discount campaigns are driven primarily by discount value. Promotions offering less than 50% off typically generate little demand. Thousands of promotions are listed on Rebaid each week, many with high discount values. For this reason it is difficult to attract interest and demand for lower discount value promotions.


Demand Guide

Under 35% Off - Few orders generated

36% - 50% Off - Some orders generated

51% - 70% Off - More orders generated

71% - 90% Off - Many orders generated

91% - 100% Off - Unlimited order volume generated


Other factors

Promotions for products with broad appeal like houseware products, toys and games, common electronics and apparel can generate more orders at lower rebate/ discount values. 

Promotions for specialty products (i.e. auto parts that fit a specific make and model vehicle) often require very high discount/ rebate values to generate orders.


Applying your balance to a new campaign

If your rebate campaign is not generating the desired order volume you may End your campaign and apply any funded but unredeemed rebates to a new campaign with a higher rebate value. For instructions on how to transfer your balance to a new campaign click here.




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