Social Media Promo Codes (for Amazon Live Sales Tracking)

The best way to attribute sales to an influencer campaign on Amazon Live is by using a Social Media Promo Code. These codes can be created in your Amazon Seller Central account and submitted during the campaign creation process on Rebaid.

Rebaid will provide your chosen influencer with the code which they add to their Amazon Live stream. All shoppers who click through the live stream to your product page will automatically have this promo code applied at checkout. This effectively allows you to determined how many sales were generated from your Amazon Live influencer campaign.

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Scheduling: Set the start date a 5 days from the current date. The shortest time from campaign submission to live is about 7 days, so setting the start date as 5 days from the current date is safe.

The maximum duration for a Social Media Promo campaign on Amazon is 30 days. Set the End date as 30 days after your start date. Setting a shorter duration will limit the sales you can attribute to your Amazon Live campaign.

Since many shoppers watch recordings after a live stream has ended, many sales are generated in the weeks following a live stream. You want to be able to track and attribute these sales as well as those that occur during the live event.

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