How to See Social Media Promo Code Uses (for Amazon Live Sales Tracking)

This article explains how to export a report to determine how many sales were generated through an Amazon Live placement only if you submitted a social media promo code on campaign creation.

If you are creating a new influencer campaign and need instructions on how to create a social media promo code, click here for instructions.

If you submitted a social media promo code when creating an influencer placement on Amazon Live, and the influencer has posted the content, you can download a report to see the number of shoppers who used the social media promo code. This is an effective way to determine the number of sales generated from your Amazon Live placement.


Step 1


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Step 5

Click request csv or txt download based on your preferred file type.

Your report will look like the image below and show all orders where the social media promo code was applied. Social media promo codes are automatically applied whenever a shopper clicks through an Amazon Livesteam making this a reliable indicator of sales generated from your campaign.



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